Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Monday, July 11, 2016

D.O.A.P.: 34 Weeks

 Diary of a Prunner
 Trial and error continues. This is just the way it will be until baby comes. I've decided I'm too unpredictable to commit to any more group runs. The downfall to this is simply that I won't be as motivated to get up if I have to run in the morning. Oh well, I'm a month from having a baby so that's my excuse!
  • 7/4/16: 3.1 stroller miles, 12:49/mile. This run probably shouldn't have happened, but I'm not always the brightest crayon in the box. I originally planned this to be a rest day, but I was antsy to go for a run because I felt fine and all of my friends kept posting about how awesome their runs were! When my boys went down for a nap, I decided I would head out for a run. On my way down the stairs, I slipped on the top step and fell all the way down! This was not my first rodeo...I fall down those freaking steps all the time. I screamed out of fear and pain loud enough that the hubs popped out of bed to "save" me. I felt I was ok, but my elbow was very sore. I iced it and decided I could still run. About that time, James was waking up. Ugh. I didn't want Jimmy to miss out on his nap so I decided I would take James on the run with me. This was the point that someone should have stopped my crazy thinking! I got James all strapped in and we were off. I thought I was going to die. I wasn't in pain, but I was SO TIRED! It was freaking humid out. I made it to 1.9 miles and decided to walk for 0.10 miles. I "ran" the rest of the time. Never again.
    I can't resist taking him on a run when he's so eager.
  • 7/5/16: REST. I woke up this morning SO SORE from falling down the stairs. My neck and upper back were so tight, and I had a bruise on my butt. I was overall sluggish and knew I needed to take the day off.
  • 7/6/16: 4 miles, 11:20/mile. My butt hurts. I was still sore from falling down the stairs. Honestly, I think I'm more sore today than yesterday. I met up with a great group of ladies in Westerville for a 4 miler. I'm starting to think 4 miles is my limit before needing to incorporate walking. My ankle bothered me the last mile today. We stopped occasionally to let other runners catch up since it was super early (safety, people!!). I think the stop/start irritates my ankle a bit. Also, it seemed like we were constantly on either an incline or decline. My ankle just isn't used to that yet. I had a great time getting to know some new ladies and talking about our different running journeys.
    I ran with a new, wonderful group of ladies. They didn't kill me too much!
  • 7/7/16: REST. I started this day wanting to rest because I still had some soreness from falling but mainly because my ankle was bothering me during yesterday's run. As the day continued, I felt better and better, and my soreness had subsided. I decided to take advantage of some free time that evening and go for a run. I donned all of my gear (including clothes that really don't fit me at the moment), and set out for at least an hour long adventure. I kid you not, ONE STEP into this run, I had a shooting pain from my big toe up the inside of my ankle/leg up to my knee. I have never experienced this before and wasn't sure what was going on. I decided to try to run and see if it went away. Only 0.10 miles into my run, I had to stop and walk. I was hoping to walk it off, but it didn't help. I only made it a quarter mile out when I knew that this wasn't going to happen. I turned around and went back home. UGH!! I was so mad!!! I hope it's a fluke.
  • 7/8/16: 3 miles, 13:32/mile. I was having the same pain at the beginning of this run but decided to approach things differently rather than give up. I've always required lengthy warm ups before feeling great. I walked about 0.15 miles before trying to run. I made it about a quarter mile and had it in my head that I would have to walk the rest of my workout. This didn't settle well with me. I walked less than a half mile when I decided to give it a go. My pain had decreased slightly. I decided I would just do walk/run intervals based on my pain. To make myself feel better, I thought of it as a fartlek run. ;) After 1.5 miles of doing this, I started my next running portion. I gave myself a pep talk and kept repeating "Relax, Lisa. Just relax." I was able to run the next 1.5 miles without walking! Today wasn't my best attempt, but, after yesterday, I was very happy to be able to run with minimal pain.
    Not my best run, but definitely my best effort.
  • 7/9/16: 3.5 miles, 12:42/mile. Today was even better than yesterday. I still had some funky pain, but it subsided after warming up. The workout ended up being [0.25 miles walking, 1.5 miles running] x2. When I got into the heart of Huron (we were visiting the family cottage at Lake Erie), there was a festival and parade filling the streets. Having the people around motivated me to keep going. Of course, it was hot enough that I stripped my shirt a half mile into the run. I had my middle finger ready for anyone who had a problem with it! I kid, I kid. In my pregnancy running experience, most people have been very nice about it (as if their opinion matters anyway). During my last running segment, there was a lady sitting on the curb watching the parade from a distance. As I passed her on the sidewalk, she looked at me like I was stupid and insane then said (in what seemed a condescending tone) "Doesn't that hurt?"  I paused for a split second to think about how to respond. The first nice thing I thought to say was "I'm a runner. This is what I do no matter my situation." What I really wanted to say was "Doesn't sitting on your ass hurt?" or "No, it actually doesn't hurt. You should try it sometime." or the classic "Shut the F up." Leave it to a non runner to comment on something they simply cannot and will not understand. My passion for running is deep. What she didn't realize is that the hatorade she was sippin' on motivated me even more.
    Lake Erie weekend!
  • 7/10/16: REST. We traveled back to Columbus, and all I could think about was getting my hands on the lawn mower. I love to mow and haven't been able to do it at all this year because of my injury. It was glorious. It gave Jimmy time to take a nap while James helped me with his fake lawn mower. This was enough to make my ankle just a little sore.

I was in the back seat with my sweet boy, and he asked to hold my hand. Be still my heart. These moments don't happen often.
How Far Along: 34 weeks, 5 days
What Baby Boo Deux is Up To: OMG. This booger moves so much! I LOVE it. I did have some crazy false labor on Friday night. It only lasted a couple of hours (unlike my 14 hour fake-out with James at 36 weeks!). I knew it wasn't real simply because it didn't hurt that bad. It was just uncomfortable. My belly would tighten like with a contraction, and it was happening every couple/few minutes. It did get my mind thinking about the real thing and freaked me out a bit!
Weight Gain: Didn't weigh myself this week.

Symptoms: So very tired at the beginning of the week, but my sleep started to improve the second half. I had decent energy over the weekend so that was nice.
Cravings/Aversions: Nothing.
Coming Up: OB appointment Tuesday.

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