Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, March 27, 2016

D.O.A.P.: 19 Weeks

Diary of a Prunner
 This week started with a bang and ended with the beginnings of an injury. I want to nip this in the bud STAT. I did reach my mileage goal again this week [40.22 miles!!]. Based on how I felt this week, I'll be making some changes for next week.  Also, I have a half marathon on Sunday!!! I need to feel fresh for that.
My new compression socks. I've never been an accessory runner, but I'm starting to conform.

  • 3/21/16: 6 miles, 9:45 average pace. I had minimal soreness leftover from my hardcore weekend, but I wanted to take it easy today. I met up with Karen for some moonlit miles. I'm pretty sure I talked for 4.5 of the 6 miles. I wanted to tell myself to shut up.
  • 3/22/16: 12.03 miles, 9:30 average pace. I've been dying to check out this hill by the Hoover dam, so I committed to a 6 miler with the group. I also wanted to take advantage of my short work day by getting in my long run. I did a 2 mile warm up across the dam (if you go across and back, it's conveniently 1 mile); we then headed to the dam hill for our repeats. The hill is approximately a quarter mile which I did eight times to get 4 more miles. This hill seeemed legit and that's rare in Columbus. I can't wait to check it out again! I followed all of this up with 6 more miles to get my 12 mile long run. My overall pace was much slower than last week, but I'm sure that's due to the hill repeats. Gosh, I LOVE HILLS!
    We had a big ole group for this run!
  • 3/23/16: 7.06 miles, 9:23 average pace. Don't let that average pace fool you! I ran with Ellen and Megan for Ellen's tempo run. After a smidge over two miles of a warm up, we began the tempo portion which I believe was 25 minutes. Our third mile was 8:38, but it's those next two miles that we showed the road what was up [8:13 x2]. Then we ended with a cool down until we reached 7 miles. I noticed that my right lower leg was having some pain towards the end of the speedier portion. I'm sure it's a mixture of my crazy run yesterday and speedier miles today. Looks like tomorrow will be a perfect rest day for me. Can't wait!
    Up early for a little tempo action! [Megan, Ellen, ME]
  • 3/24/16: REST. It couldn't have been a more perfect day to rest. Last night was awful for me at home (cranky baby, fighting dogs...yes, fighting's like I was dealing with three kids, the hubs at volleyball so was unable to relieve me from duties). I woke up today telling myself it was a new day...then I fell down my stairs. Seven wonderful steps of hardwood floor. Hoping my body won't be too sore to run tomorrow.
  • 3/25/16: 6.1 miles, 8:44 average pace. I wrote yesterday's "REST" entry before the worst of my day happened. We came home to our beagle's back legs being paralyzed (we didn't know this at the time but this was part of her diagnosis when we went to the vet). Long story short, I had another evening as a solo momma while the hubs ran our dog all over the city until she ended up at the vet hospital to prepare for surgery. Needless to say, I couldn't fall asleep nor did I sleep well. I decided to skip out on my early wake up call run and opt for post work running. It was supposed to be solo run until Sweat texted me to say she was getting off work early and wanted to run. It couldn't have worked out better. We had a great but initially challenging run. The temps dropped 20+ degrees from yesterday, and I just wasn't ready for it. It took me a good 3 miles to get my breathing under control and about 4 miles for my calf/Achilles to warm up. It wasn't painful, but I can tell it's not normal. I'll just be extra cautious and play it smart so I can keep running!
    [ME, Sweat]
  • 3/26/16: 9.03 miles, 8:54 average pace. This run was good for the soul. I don't get to run with the girls in my regular crew often anymore. When it happens, it warms my heart. I joined Marion, Dani, and Dani's daughter, Jordan, for some miles on the Olentangy Trail. I was nervous going into it because of my Achilles. I just didn't know what to expect. It was much different from my run yesterday. I never felt pain or annoyance in any form while running, BUT, as soon as I stopped, I WAS LIMPING! I limped for about an hour afterwards. After showering, stretching a bit, and wearing my compression socks a few hours, I was brave enough to do a little self exam. My Achilles was tender to touch. I definitely narrowed the cause down to three things: increased hill action, increase in speedier miles the past week, and the need for new shoes. I might even add a fourth relating to the change in my body shape and weight. I know my running gait is changing now that my belly size is increasing.
    Antrim Lake. [ME, Marion, Jordan, Dani]

  • 3/27/16: REST.  A very intentional rest day. I already met my weekly goal so I had no need to run. Of course, my Achilles needs the rest anyway. We went to Easter service last night so I took Sophie on a walk in the morning...probably 1.5 miles (which I won't count towards my miles).
So, what changes will I be making this week?
  1. NO HILLS. I hate typing that because I love hills. Unfortunately, hills are one way to exacerbate Achilles pain (and I could feel this truth even on the small inclines I ran Friday and Saturday).
  2. NO SPEEDY MILES. I'm still not totally sure what that means for me nowadays but I'm going to make a conscious effort to keep all of my miles 9 minutes or slower. I don't want to make them too slow, though, because that often irritates my legs as well. I'll likely have to run solo most of the week so that I can base it on how I'm feeling.
  3. DECREASED MILEAGE. I've been getting 40-42 miles per week. I'm thinking I may subtract about 10 miles and go for 30-32. I'll likely do three 6 mile runs this week in addition to my half marathon.
    This was after Dam Hill/Long Run. I'm still trying to figure out why decided to flash deuces.


How Far Along: 19 weeks, 4 days
What Baby Boo Deux is Up To: I think I'm feeling it move, but it's still so inconsistent that I'm not completely sure.
Weight Gain: (I didn't weigh myself this week. This is from last week)11 lbs., Starting weight: 112 lbs., Current weight:  123 lbs.
Symptoms: Nothing.
Cravings/Aversions: Nothing. I was completely desperate for a pick-me-up this week that I bought a cup of coffee. I could only tolerate a few sips. Bummer.
Coming Up: 22 week follow up appointment.

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