Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Monday, February 29, 2016

D.O.A.P.: 15 Weeks

Diary of a Prunner
SO SORE after my two longer runs this week!!

What a weird week! I was on cloud nine after a great race and used that motivation to kick off my week with a good run. Fatigue caught up with me, and I crashed a couple of days before finding the motivation to make my weekly mileage goal happen [40 miles this week!]. I ended my week with a HUGE bang because I realized I had 28 miles to go. EEK! I'm just thankful I ended my week with the legs still attached.
  • 2/22/16: 6 miles, 8:25 average pace. This was a great start to my running week. I met Amanda and Tamara in Westerville, and we talked all about babies and marathon training. (Jennie joined us for a few miles!) Our run was progressive, minus the last mile, going from 9:03 to 8:04.
  • 2/23/16: 6 miles, 10:05 average pace. I finally got to run with Felicia again! Every few months we meet up in Gahanna for a little catch up session. I felt tired from start to finish today. This wasn't a shocker after a successful race day on Sunday and a great run yesterday.
  • 2/24/16: REST. This was a planned rest day (after not being able to do a birthday run with Jackie because of stupid rain). I was simply tired. Work was HORRIBLY busy Monday and Tuesday, and I knew Wednesday wasn't looking any better.
  • 2/25/16: REST. This was unintentional rest. UGH. Work has sucked the life out of me this week. I never use a busy week as an excuse not to run but this week is justified. By lunch on Wednesday, I had already seen a week's worth of patients, and it wasn't slowing down from there. Work was slightly easier this day so I packed gym clothes to run at The Y. I sat in my car at The Y for 5-10 minutes trying to will myself to get out and go run. I DIDN'T WANT TO! I was so exhausted and had absolutely NO MOTIVATION AT ALL to make this happen. I decided to go pick up James and go home until I had to pick up the hubs. I told myself I would run later in the day. Never happened. It just didn't sound fun to me. All I could think about was how sloth-like I felt for going two days without running. I just kept thinking about how I had to get 28 miles in three days in order to meet my weekly mileage goal.
  • 2/26/16: 12.5 miles, 8:35 average pace. Since two days passed without a run, I wasn't sure if my legs were still working. Fortunately, I finished with my morning commitments in time to meet Amber and Kimberly for an afternoon run. I had no mileage goal in mind. I just wanted to see how I felt. It was clear after 6 or 7 miles that I'd be able to get my long run for the week. (Long runs nowadays are anywhere between 10-13 miles). I was surprised to see my average pace when I finished. It didn't feel extremely easy but it was very tolerable and I was able to talk the entire time. Another confidence booster!
    I felt so great about this run!
  • 2/27/16: 10 miles, 8:30 average pace. After yesterday, my pelvis and legs were SO SORE! I guessed I would have to run around 9 minute miles in order to survive 10 miles today. When Amanda graciously offered to run with me, I was a little nervous! I knew I would push it a little more with her but wasn't sure if my legs could make it happen. I was good for 6-7 miles, but the legs and pelvis were feeling it at that point. I was glad most of the last mile was a decline! I ended this run amazed that my body survived the past two days and happy that I could spend that time with Amanda.
    I look happy here but thought my legs were going to detach from my body. [Amanda, ME]
  • 2/28/16: 1.5 mile family walk; 4 miles, 9:47 average pace. Holy crap on a cracker. I started getting sick last night. I woke up with an awfully sore throat, massive headache, and a body that just felt generally fatigued and sore. I still don't know what was wrong with me. I had to cancel on my friend Theresa whom I planned to run with that morning. I was pissed all day that I wasn't going to meet my weekly mileage goal. Four o'clock rolled around and the hubs wanted to do a family walk (it was freaking gorgeous outside, minus the wind). Our normal walk route is 1.5 miles. I typically don't count walking miles toward my weekly mileage but thought, since I was sick, I would count it. I then realized I only needed 4 more miles to make it to my goal. What did my butt do? Run, of course. I ran very slow [10:41, 9:53, 9:31, 9:01] and could tell I was sweating out all of the yuck in my body. It felt good to meet my weekly goal, and I think it actually made me feel better.
    James' new favorite thing is saying "cheese" for the camera. Love this little dude.
 Despite the unexpected rest days and sick time, I am very happy with my three really good runs! It gave me a little boost of confidence. I'm hoping to continue averaging 40 miles per week the next month, but I have a feeling my body might start slowing down a bit after that.
How Far Along: 15 weeks, 4 days
What Baby Boo Deux is Up To: Size of an orange. Also, James has requested a sister.
Weight Gain:  7 lbs. Starting weight: 112 lbs., Current weight:  119 lbs. I actually lost a pound this week. Not sure how that happened. I weighed myself before I got sick so I know it wasn't from that. Who knows?!
Symptoms: Not much. Occasional pelvic discomfort after a harder run.
Cravings/Aversions: None. I finally had an espresso drink. First one in two months! Still can't do coffee.
Coming Up: Next appointment on March 15th...ULTRASOUND!

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