Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pumping, Irish Festival, Godparents, and J is Eating Food (SIKE!) BUT...

...He does HAVE A TOOTH! Is it possible for a baby to be teething 1 1/2 months prior to actually getting the tooth?! It sure did seem like he was teething that entire time.

He had to be asleep in order for me to open his mouth for the picture!

BREAKING NEWS: J ate food last week on Monday! I bought one of those pouches that had a mix of two fruits and a veggie. We had just finished our run and sat down to watch Mr. Boo play volleyball. I decided to give the pouch a try...the boy ate about 1/3 of the pouch!! I was shocked. I thought for sure this was the turning point in his eating adventure. Not so much. That stubborn turd hasn't eaten since then!


I'm  in a pumping slump. I was SO CLOSE to calling it quits last week. If it wasn't the life source of my precious baby, I would quit in an instant. I probably mentioned that I was getting up around 145-2 a.m. to pump since J was sleeping through the night. I did this EVERY NIGHT for a few weeks until I just couldn't stand the way I felt every day...I was so tired and sluggish in the morning. 

After seeking advice from other moms, I decided on a new method. I started pumping after his last feeding/just before I went to bed then again just before leaving the house for work/after his morning feeding. This is all in addition to the three times I pump at work during the day (I schedule pumping sessions like I schedule my patients!).  I've been doing this for about a week and just can't seem to get the same amount of milk. I've been feeling a little better since my sleep isn't broken but I just don't think it's worth getting less milk. Therefore, starting tonight, I'm going back to my 2 a.m. wake up call :( Until J starts eating food, I need to pump as much as I can.


I'm loving all this family stuff we are doing this summer! This past weekend, we ate some delicious pizza at Dewey's then headed to the Dublin Irish Festival. The festival seemed lame, at first, until we found the Celtic game arena. We sat there for 2 hours watching these chicks throw these weighted bags over a goal post with pitchforks! LOL. James had a grand ole time, too.

Mr. Boo!

Ninja in training!


Finally, Jimmy and I have been praying and talking about the future with J and any other kids we may create. We knew we needed to write a will which meant we would have to pick godparents. We didn't want it to be any of our parents because we didn't want them to be senior citizens responsible for young children (sorry parents! LOL.). So, naturally, we went through our siblings next. Since we live in Ohio and this is where our kids will grow up (yes, things can change), we decided to first ask Chris and Amy (Mr. Boo's brother and our sister-in-law). Honestly, we were afraid they would say "no," at first, because they already have two kids and one on the way (very soon...yay!) but we knew they would be excellent at the job so we were hoping they would say "yes!" We gave them 2-3 weeks to think about it and they said YES!!!! We were so relieved because, if something ever does happen, we want J and other kids to have an easy transition.

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