Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Monday, August 18, 2014

Half Marathon Training Weeks 4 & 5: Hip, Humidity, Rolling Hills of Nashville, and Snakes!

My hip pain continued into week four. Day two was SO ROUGH! I had to use part of my 2 minute rest to stretch. I actually had to decrease that workout because my hip just couldn't take it. I was supposed to do fourteen 400's but stopped after twelve. I took the next workout pretty easy and then took a rest day. My strategy worked because my hip felt tremendously better by the time the crazy workouts came along. I mentioned in my last update that the 10 mile long run sucked...it was so much better this week!


Despite the crazy humidity, I felt great this past week. I ended up buying a rain cover for James' stroller so that I could take him with me if it was raining. We were able to take advantage of it earlier in the week. I was soaking wet, but my boy was dry as a bone :)


Finally, my long run this past Saturday was quite an adventure. We were visiting Nashville so I knew James and I would be running solo. It was such a bummer to run without Jackie and Peyton! For those not familiar with Nashville, it's full of rolling hills. I kid you not, my ENTIRE run was ALL HILLS!!! I'm pretty sure I was praying the entire time. If I wasn't praying, I was cursing the land! Because of the hill situation (and the fact that I was without my running partner), my average was much slower than past weeks.

Besides the hills, I honestly had no idea where James and I were going to run. I had this grand plan in my head but it didn't work out because of construction they were doing on/near the trail I was going to run. Therefore, we ended up running up and down the streets around Cool Springs. There were 10 bazillion restaurants along the way that tempted me to quit.

Final side note about my 12 miler: I was concerned about James being able to make it through a 12 mile run. He was AMAZING! He fell asleep during the first mile and didn't wake up until mile 9 or 10! I gave him his bottle and that point and that's where our next to last adventure began. We were crossing a major intersection in our last 2 miles and the stroller was being weird...I thought I just ran over the curb. A couple hundred meters later, I noticed that his bottle was gone. I couldn't find it anywhere...until I looked across the street. It wasn't the curb we ran over, it was his bottle! AHHH! We ran back across the busy intersection, grabbed the bottle, and ran back across again! Thank goodness the bottle didn't get run over.

We ran our booties back to the hotel and ended the run by finding a lovely snake ready to eat us. O.k....maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but who wants to see a snake while running?!


The Workouts:

Week 4
  • Day 1: Does mowing the yard count as cross training?!
  • Day 2: Stroller run, 7.5 mi: 2mi WU, 12x400m with 2 min rest, 1mi CD
  • Day 3: Stroller run, 5mi + 4x20sec strides, 9:58 average
  • Day 4: Rest (my hip needed it!)
  • Day 5: Stroller run, 9mi: 2mi WU, 3x2mi with 3min rest, 1mi CD; pace range 7:39-9:28 (obviously still learning to pace)
  • Day 6: Rest
  • Day 7: Stroller run, 10m, 9:22 average

Week 5
  • Day 1: Rest
  • Day 2: Stroller run, 6mi EZ, 9:32 average
  • Day 3: Stroller run, 9mi: 2mi WU, 2x3mi with 3min rest, 1mi CD; pace range 8:44-9:25
  • Day 4: Rest
  • Day 5: Stroller run, 7mi: 1mi EZ, 5mi steady, 1mi EZ; overall avg 9:30, 5mi avg 9:19
  • Day 6: Rest
  • Day 7: Stroller run, 12mi; 10:07 average (ROLLING HILLS OF NASHVILLE!!!)

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