Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Friday, August 8, 2014

Half Marathon Training Week 3: Rough and Rainy

Last week was kind of an annoying week of training. Day one is always the day after a long run so I typically do 3 easy miles. When I run with J, I always have to be aware of the rain forecast because I don't want him to get soaked. We headed out that afternoon based on a 0% forecast for that hour....LIARS! It started POURING on us when we were inching closer to the mile mark. I turned around and ran my booty off to get James home.

The weather peeps lied again later that week. On day 4, it was crazy raining as Jimmy and I were driving home from work. I checked out the weather app and it made it seem as if it was going to be that way the rest of the night. I made the decision to take my rest day rather than taking my chances (I usually prefer my rest day to be Friday since it's the day before the long run). It ended up being gorgeous that evening but I couldn't change my mind about running because we had to be at dog agility around 7 p.m....SO ANNOYING!

Stroller running is a rough world when it comes to the weather.


Most of my runs this week presented some sort of challenge. I've been bringing a bottle on longer runs in case J gets hungry. He's gotten to the point he can hold 3 ounces. Day 2, he was hungry and lazy. I handed him his bottle during the WU but he refused to hold it himself! Little turd. I stopped in the middle of my WU, fed him his bottle, and continued on...he was a happy baby after that.

He's also learned to throw his bottle out of the stroller. During our 10 miler, I gave him the bottle around mile 8. He kept throwing it down until I got sick of it and took it away! LOL. He was pissed at me but, when I finally gave it back, he actually held it and ate! Again, little turd.

Because I had to run on Friday, Saturday's long run was a little more challenging. I had some hip issues during the run (mostly piriformis tightness) that made the run not so ideal. I was able to keep with Jackie for about 8 miles then I just had to slow down a bit. I felt like my hip couldn't keep up with my lungs. And that's when the bottle crap happened. So I ended up averaging in the 9:40s rather than around 9:36 like we usually do. I felt like total crap and had my hip/thigh pain until the following Wednesday. It's still tight but feels much better!


One more thing: Props to my girl, Jackie. When she finished, she knew I had to end the run on a hill. What did she do? She ran back to meet me at the bottom of the hill and run it with me even though she just finished her 10 miles! Now that's a good friend. I secretly started crying from the act of kindness but then I couldn't breathe so that ended quickly...LOL. Thanks, Jackie!


The workouts:

  • Day 1- 1.75 mile stroller run, no watch or GPS
  • Day 2- Combo run with stroller, 7.4 miles: 2 mi WU, 3 mi @ half pace, 3 min rest, 4x2min with 90" rest, 1 mi CD; 3 mi average 8:43, overall average 9:20
  • Day 3- Hip Hop Fitness
  • Day 4- Rest
  • Day 5- Stroller Run, 5 mi + 4x20" strides; 9:32 average ranging from 9:18 to 9:56
  • Day 6- Morning SOLO run, 6 mi: 1 mi WU, 4 steady mile, 1 mi CD; 4 mi average 9:08, overall average 9:26
  • Day 7- Long stroller run with Jackie, 10 miles; overall average 9:36 until the last two miles, ended with 9:40 something average (my mapper jacked up)

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