Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Friday, February 14, 2014

James Turns 2 Months!

Dear Baby James:

You are two months old now! Oh my goodness. YOU ARE AWESOME! You have grown so much the last month, physically and skillfully (I have no idea if skillfully is actually a word, James. Your mommy doesn't have the best grammar but I know lots of big anatomical words).

You smile now! I love seeing your cute toothless smile but I have the hardest time trying to get a picture of it! Every time you are in a playful mood and you start to smile, I'll grab the camera to take pictures but I can't catch that sweet smile. BUT I think I got lucky and caught part of one:
8 weeks old

You have also become grabby. When you're being held, you like to grab mommy's hair, shirt, etc. It's cute right now but I'm sure it will start to hurt eventually when you learn how to pull!

You and daddy were able to bond a little more this month when you learned to take your milk from a bottle. Daddy really loves these moments since mommy is able to be with you all day.
You and daddy around 5 weeks old.

You started "talking" this month...well, more like cooing and gooing. It is the most precious thing. I feel like you are trying to tell me how much you love me but you just don't know how to say it ;) hehehe.

This month, you started sleeping more at night to help mommy get more sleep and you have officially outgrown your newborn clothes (although the next size is too big!). You weighed 9 pounds and 14 ounces at your doctor appointment yesterday!

Just like your mommy and daddy, you LOVE music and dancing. We have had so much fun the last week listening to mommy's favorite Disney songs. I think your personal favorite may be "Bare Necessities" from The Jungle Book! Daddy said he was showing off his drum skills with you the other day and that you really liked the noises!
Rock and Roll!

I think you might be a morning person because we tend to have our best conversations during that time. I brag to people about how good you are but this month you have been just a little fussier (but that's normal, little are still a really good baby!).

Mommy has been really sad lately because I have to go back to work soon and you will start going to Jane's during the day. I'm sure you will have a great time with her and your new friends but mommy will miss you so much during the day. Hopefully I will be able to use our situation to teach you some sort of life lesson when you get older. I'm trying to look at this in a positive way! Mommy's going to miss you but, for now, I'm still with you for another week so let's make the most of it!

You are awesome my little man and I will always love you more than anyone else will even think of loving you (besides the Lord, of course). I have a feeling that this next month is going to be so awesome and that you will have so much more to show mommy about yourself. I love you, son!

Here are some outtakes from your "photo session"...Angel wanted to get in on the action:
This is Angel's way of saying "James, please pet me!"

Two cute faces :)

My oldest and my youngest!

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