Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Baby James: 8 Weeks...Hip Hop Hooray!

...ho, hey, ho, hey, ho, hey, ho...hip hop hooray...

Remember that song, peeps? O.k., I'll stop now.
One of the reasons I packed away his newborn clothes...it is now a midriff :)

I mentioned in my last post that James had been a little fussy recently. That has continued through this week (except Thursday night...I'm not sure if it was because we had life group and he was surrounded by his favorite people). The thing that calms him changes everyday!

I started writing down his sleep/nap times this week to see if there is a trend so that I can give the sitter an idea of what James' schedule is like. So far, it's all over the place! lol. Some days he'll take 1-2 long naps and that's it. Other days, he may nap 30-45 minutes at a time. He's a crazy boy :)
He lives up to the word printed on his onesie :)

Last weekend, at some point, it was warm enough that we could go on a family walk (we'll be doing these daily once this crap weather is over). The down side to this walk was that hardly anyone in our neighborhood, including us, had shoveled the sidewalks. It was a disgusting slushy walk but at least we got our rear-ends outside!

Firsts this week:

-James is sticking out his tongue a lot and sucked on his fingers for the first time. He hasn't sucked on his fingers a lot but it was kind of cute when he did :)

-James went to his first Super Bowl party but was disappointed that Peyton Manning didn't get the win.
That's a 0-3 month sleeper...it's HUGE on him!

-James met his friend, April, for the first time but paid no attention to her. He was more excited about his buddy, Peyton. He'll learn later in life the importance of women.

-James tolerated his carrier for the first time. I probably had him in it for only 10 minutes but I'm trying to get him used to it. I still think he's a little to small for it even though it says 7 pound minimum.

-James slept in the crib ONE night but, because of his night time fussiness this week, I decided to do postpone that transition. (when I say night time fussiness, I mean between the times of 7-10 p.m....he is still sleeping well at night, thank goodness!)

Other events this week include a visit from Grandpa Jim and Grandma Joan, a trip to the library for Baby Laptime (which we missed because he got hungry so I went to the restroom to feed him), and grocery shopping with mommy!

Finally, this week has been mentally challenging for me. Not because of anything that James has done but because of something I have to do. I have only two more weeks of maternity leave before returning to work :( I seriously DO NOT want to leave my boy and have shed MANY tears this week thinking about it. This little man is so precious to me and I don't want to miss any moment with him. I know that going to PT school was worth it (at least I think it was) but it is the reason I have to work...stupid student loans! Ugh!

If any of you had to return to work after having your babies and have some words of encouragement and/or advice, PLEASE give it to me!

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