Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Baby James: 10 weeks...Jammin' with James

This boy is in love with music! He is still obsessed with his jungle gym play mat. I think we can officially label this as his favorite toy!
This is Scout. This is the coolest toy EVER. If you have a kid, you should get one!

I have a confession. I'm just gonna put this out in the open and expect people to call me crazy. I'm already getting on Pinterest to look up ideas for his first birthday party! Seriously...I'm doing this. It's not that I want that day to come (we're having so much fun now) but the thought of planning a party for my little man is so exciting. I have two ideas so far: Bow tie party (cuz he's my little man) and The Jungle Book (cuz he loves the song "Bare Necessities"). We'll see how his personality develops and make mental notes of his favorite things but, for now, I'm pinning ideas for those two :)
His sister Izzie is a great protector.

James is officially in cloth diapers. We've been doing them all week long. So far, so good. I have no complaints and think it will save lots of money in the long run. We use the flip diaper system and bought 3 day packs which gave us 6 covers and 18 inserts. If I feel like I'm washing them often, I may buy another day pack but it's not overwhelming just yet.

James has also been sleeping in his crib all week long. I'm trying to get myself used to him being in a different room (it's so hard!). I'm just paranoid that I won't be able to hear him when he needs me.

James' eating has been weird this week again. I thought he might have had another growth spurt...I just don't know. Sometimes he can go two or so hours during the day and sometimes eats every hour. I hope all goes well with his feeding when he starts going to the sitter next week. Hopefully I'll have enough bottles prepared.

Looking back in my journal, I've written something each day about how much fun James has been. He is really responding to his toys and I have so much fun playing with him! He grabbed one of  the hanging toys on his jungle gym this week and wouldn't let go...it may not sound cute but it was :)

We went on a few adventures this week:

-Baby Laptime and lunch with daddy (he actually stayed awake during laptime)

-Thrifting with Lindsay and Michael

-grocery shopping (where James had a few admirers)

-Polaris mall to hang out with Aunt Amy and cousins, Molly and Cooper

As most of y'all know, I go back to work on Monday. I thought I was coping well at the beginning of the week but started breaking down towards the end of the week. I've lost count of how many times I've cried. It just breaks my heart that I can't stay at home with my little boy. I'll be honest...I'M STRUGGLING...like, for real. I just keep thinking to myself "Was getting my doctorate degree and an amazing job worth all of the student loans I'm paying?" Sometimes I think it isn't (my loan payments are WAY MORE than our mortgage payment) but then I realize how rewarding my job is and how easy it is to get a job in my field...major blessing. Anyway, I'm a mess and that's the main point of the blabbing in this paragraph.
James is starting to explore toys by putting them in his mouth.

Finally, I wanna go back to the cloth diaper thing for a moment. My friend told me about a homemade detergent for cloth diapers and I was really excited about it because I knew it would save major money. My bubble quickly burst (ed?) when I was cautioned about using homemade detergents for cloth diapers. Because of this, I've spent most of the morning doing research and have determined that I feel good about using the detergent I made. I would love to hear every one's thoughts on how to wash cloth diapers!

Happy 10 weeks, James!! Please don't forget about mommy when you go to the sitter!

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