Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, September 18, 2016

DTHT: Weeks 3 & 4

Delivery to Half Training

My beagle always looks so thrilled about life.
These are the last two weeks of me getting my body used to running again before I officially start half marathon training. What does that really mean?! It just means that I have 12 weeks until race day.
I do have a half scheduled in December, but I have no real expectations for my least not yet. I also have no intentions of incorporating intentional speed work. My main focus is building my base mileage. I would like to be able to run at least 10 miles by the time I start full marathon training (October 31st). I have a couple of smaller races scheduled between now and my half that should give me a decent idea of what I might be capable of running.
So, basically, I have no real plan the next several weeks except for long run distance goals.
  • 9/5: Team Isaiah 5k. 1 mile warm up (10:31/mile), 3.5 mile race (9:50/mile). Ran with Ruthie in tow!
    Ruthie is ready to race!
  • 9/6: REST.
  • 9/7: 5.21 miles, 9:31/mile. Ran with my dear friend, Ellen, and some more awesome ladies. This is my highest mileage to date. I remember it feeling slightly difficult, and I was praying that it was in the 9s!
  • 9/8: 5.01 miles, 9:29/mile. MONTHLY DONUT RUN with my running sisters. Again, slightly difficult because of the weather, but I can tell my body is getting used to it. Still no pain!
    Just because pic. I love sweet cuddles with my babe.
  • 9/9: REST.
  • 9/10: 5 stroller miles, 10:46/mile. The night before, I was given a free entry into a 5k over the weekend. My goal for today was to attempt 6 miles, but I changed my plan so that I could run faster at the 5k. I packed up Ruthie and met the New Albany girls for some easy miles!
    Post run yummies at Starbucks
  • 9/11: Run Like a Girl 5k. 3.09 stroller miles, 9:15/mile. Again, I ran with Ruthie for a tour through downtown. I was shocked that my first mile was sub 9! We had a lot of fun and I felt the effects of my hard work shortly after we finished!
    A gentleman made up an award for me...1st in the stroller division!
  • 9/12: REST. I REALLY needed a rest day after that race!
  • 9/13: 4.01 miles, 8:47/mile. MY BIRTHDAY! For my birthday miles, I was looking to run with some of my most beloved running buddies who I knew could push me to run in the 8s. After running that faster stroller race, I knew I could handle 4 miles sub 8. What I didn't anticipate was running that pesky Emerald hill in Dublin! Since Theresa had no pace requirement (because she killed a marathon two days prior), I decided to slow her down for a day! I felt great the first 2.5 until we hit the hill. I was crap after that...SO close to NOT getting sub 9 for those miles (8:59, 8:57).
    Birthday miles with Theresa!

  • 9/14: 4.31 stroller miles, 10:13/mile. I took my girl on a morning stroll through the neighborhood. It was so freaking humid that I had to strip my shirt. I just couldn't care that I was jiggling all over the place.
    It's too hot to care about what's under your shirt.
  • 9/15: 6.77 walking miles, 15:09/mile. I met my girl Jackie at the O trail for some bonding time. She just had her babe two weeks ago so we had a lot to complain about (and also share joy about!).
  • 9/16: REST.
  • 9/17: 3.76 stroller miles, 10:18/mile. Super annoyed that I missed my planned morning run. I had a tight schedule and the weather screwed things up a bit. I opted for a shorter afternoon run with Roop in hopes I could fit in my long run the following day.
    She's over all of this picture taking.
  • 9/18: 7miles, 9:29/mile. Longest run so far. I was only planning six this week, but my friend Meggie (who also just had a baby) was going for 7. I thought, why not?! I wanted to quit after about 5 miles!! It was so humid. I honestly don't know how I survived the last two miles at our goal pace. I didn't have any pain until we stopped and I noticed my pelvis was just a little sore. I started getting sore a couple hours later! PATHETIC!!
    I loved coming home to this sweet boy!

Say what?!
So, running aside, I have only two more days at home with my sweet, gassy girl (who pooped on my face at church today). I have already been made aware that work is cray cray right now so I'm trying to keep a positive attitude. I'm just not ready to leave my girl.

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