Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

DTHT: My First Two Weeks of Running

Delivery to Half Training

In my last post, I admitted to you guys that I tried running. Even though "they" tell you to wait 4 weeks, my doc (knowing I'm an avid runner) has always instructed me to listen to my body. I told you guys in my last post that I started with quarter mile intervals. Wanting to play it safe, I walked the next day and attempted half mile running intervals the day after that...still no pain or woman issues. I decided I would continue this pattern of running intervals one day and walking the next until I felt I was safe enough to run at least 3 miles in one session.

My first "run."
Well, that didn't last long! Two days after running the half mile intervals, I wanted to try to run a mile without walking. One mile turned into two (10:31 pace). It was a little tough, but I had no significant pain. There were no more walking days after this. I could tell my body, mostly my ankle, needed the rest day in between running attempts. Since that two mile run, I have progressed as follows:
  • 8/27: 3.14 miles, 9:59 pace. I ran in New Albany with the Saturday crew. They definitely pushed me to go faster than I would have run if I were alone.
    NA gals and milk boobs.
  • 8/28: REST.
  • 8/29: 3.12 miles, 12:23 pace. I ran, again, with a group in New Albany. At this point, I was feeling confident about the 3 mile distance. I was trying to decide when to attempt to go four miles.
    These sweet gals let me tag along.
  • 8/30: 4.10 miles, 9:50 pace. This run was beyond any expectation I had at this point. I met Amanda that evening at Highbanks. For those not familiar, it's a metro park in Columbus with running trails (some paved, some gravel). It's also one of the few places in Columbus with decent hills. I was really nervous about running here, especially with Amanda. I love hills but hadn't run them since before my accident in March. And, well, Amanda is blazing fast so I didn't want to slow her down too much. I decided to go ahead and attempt 4 miles. Why I decided to do this on my most difficult course yet, I have no idea. It ended up being an amazing run that I was very proud of! It was so hard, but refreshing at the same time.
    I might be smiling, but I was also dying inside!
  • 8/31: REST. No matter how I felt, I was forcing myself to rest today.
  • 9/1: 4.07 miles, 10:12 pace. I decided to attempt four miles again. I was trying to find a group that was running in the mid 9s but that didn't work in my favor. I knew I would push myself more with other people. You can see with my pace that I wasn't in the mood to run that pace. Honestly, I think my body was tired from my run two days ago. I couldn't get it to go any faster.
  • 9/2: REST. Racing the next day meant I should take today off to rest my body.
  • 9/3: Schneider's 5k Donut Run (pushed James in the stroller for this race). 1.03 mile warm up, 9:44 pace; 3.07 mile race, 10 minute pace.
    I was reminded of how heavy James is while pushing him!
    I wasn't sure what to expect, especially since I was pushing James. I knew I would try hard but wasn't planning to go all out. I mean, I did just have a baby three weeks ago! I was pleasantly surprised with the result because I felt like a slug. P.S. This was the first run I had in which my ankles did not bother me! I think it's because I didn't wear my old Saucony's. The new ones arrived later that day!
    Slam that donut, James!
  • 9/4: 5 miles, 10:23 pace. Since I felt ok after yesterday's race, I decided I wanted to attempt 5 miles. I joined a group doing their long run with a goal of 10 minute pace.  I wasn't super nervous about being able to run 5 miles, but I was nervous about being able to do it at whatever pace they were going. I felt like I could have run longer, but I'm trying not to push the distance to quickly. I have plenty of time to build my endurance again.
    My sweet friend, Mary. She was kind enough to include me in the first 5 miles of her 21 miler...YES, she ran 21 miles! I cannot fathom that right now!
As I look at my progression the past week and a half, it really is beyond any expectation I had for myself. I'd be lying if I wasn't slightly disappointed, but I know I have to start somewhere. I also realize my body unintentionally had to take three months off of running. So frustrating to lose all of that hard earned fitness, but that's my journey. I have three different non-stroller races planned for the fall that will give me an idea of my fitness and progression. My goal races really don't start until the spring, but, as a long time runner, it's difficult for me not to be hard on myself! All in all, I'm just happy to be on the road again.
Just because. It's hard to catch her smiling on camera because her smiles usually come right after she eats. We can't have any nip pics, people!

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