Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Monday, April 25, 2016

D.O.A.P.: 23 Weeks

Diary of a Prunner
Sometimes this feels like such a lie.

I felt mostly lazy this week. I took some intentional rest days because of my shoulder and some unintentional rest days because life happens. It was an exciting running week for a lot of my friends. I had a few friends run the Boston Marathon and several who ran the Glass City Marathon. There were a lot of running firsts this week. Because I can't run, I thrive on hearing about my friends' runs and races.
  • 4/18/16: REST. Day three of resting my shoulder. I was distracted most of the day by Boston Marathon coverage which was AMAZING! Can't wait for my chance to experience this iconic race.
  • 4/19/16: REST. Day four of resting my shoulder.
    I was congratulating a cousin who just received her driver's license. I was reminding her to watch for pedestrians in crosswalks!
  • 4/20/16: Chest and Back. I decided that four days of resting wasn't doing anything significant for my shoulder so I went to the gym. My shoulder usually feels good in the morning and horrible by late morning. Today, my beast session at the gym didn't seem to irritate it. As the day went on, even with crutching around at home, it didn't seem as irritated. Maybe those four days of rest did help! I also met some friends for lunch at Panera. Face time with them is good for the soul...especially when my face time is usually during a run.
  • 4/21/16: Three week ortho follow-up. Dr. D says the fractures continue to heal as expected. My latest prognosis: three more weeks non weight bearing in boot, two weeks partial weight bearing (likely 50%) in some sort of supportive shoe. I'm not sure what this prognosis means regarding my job. I know I will have to be out of work for the three weeks of non weight bearing, but I'm unsure what will happen when I'm partial weight bearing. I wish I could say I was happy about all of this, but I held in the tears until I made it to my car.
    My gorgeous foot at my follow up appointment.

  • 4/22/16: Shoulders. I could watch myself do shoulder press in single leg stance all day long...makes all my arm muscles pop out. LOL. My shoulder was feeling great again today! So happy that I rested those four days even though, at the time, I felt like it wasn't helping.
    It was a gorgeous day, and I'm blonde again!
  • 4/23/16: REST. Now that sand volleyball is back in session, and I cannot run, Saturdays have turned into James day. We had an awesome day together.
    Trying to warm each other up while watching daddy play volleyball.
    Schneiders, park, lunch...we even watched a movie after daddy left for guys' night. James loves to go for walks with me using my scooter. He wants to hold my hand so I don't get ahead of him. LOVE!
    Movie time with my cutie!
  • 4/24/16: REST. I didn't really want to rest, but the day was so busy. I was also having another one of my depression days. I broke out in a massive cry session four different times! It was bad.
    Me wishing I was wearing two shoes instead of one.
How Far Along: 23 weeks, 5 days
What Baby Boo Deux is Up To: It moves a lot which is awesome.
Weight Gain: I decided I'm not going to weigh myself until I get off of crutches and can safely get on a scale.
Symptoms: I'm still getting some occasional nausea but unsure if it's pregnancy related.
Cravings/Aversions: Nothing different. I still don't drink coffee (not by choice).
Coming Up: 26 week follow up appointment with glucose test.

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