Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, June 21, 2015

I've Had Coffee and Still Can't Think of a Good Title...

It's that time again. I have my fall races mostly planned, and I'm spending hours of my copious amounts of spare time to plan my training. Although my most recent training cycle seemed to be successful, I don't like to do the exact same thing the next training cycle. I'm making a couple of general changes this time around:
  • Sundays will be devoted to an easy run on a hilly route. Hills are limited during the week because I can't drive to the places in Columbus that have enough of them. I've recently  become obsessed with Highbanks (after only one run there!), so I'm hoping to make an appearance there once or twice a month.
  • Never do the same workout twice. I read an awesome article in the July issue of Runner's World that mentioned this. It's possible that I've already incorporated this strategy but not intentionally. I'll be doing speed work every Tuesday and faster runs on Thursdays (unless I have to be flexible for whatever reason), so I'm sure I'll have a good time finding different workouts to do each week!
  • Long runs will not always be SLOOOOOWWW. I incorporated this for Flying Pig but I'll do it in a more organized way this time around. The same article mentioned this point, as well. It makes complete sense. If you are going for time, this is an appropriate training strategy. I won't get crazy every weekend but will plan to incorporate long runs with faster intervals at least every other week.
I highly encourage you guys to pick up the July issue of Runner's World and read this article (if you haven't already)! The story is about a women's journey in hiring a coach but it has a lot of valid advice regarding training.

As for me, I have 2 more weeks of a more relaxed, I don't really care what happens, training schedule before crap gets real again. I hope my body's ready for this!!!

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