Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Mileage

March started off slow. I felt good the couple of days after my first 20 miler (which counted for February mileage) but began feeling fatigued later that week. It freaked me out a little since I knew the DC half was approaching. I took it REALLY easy the week of my race (only ran twice, each run 6 miles). 

I went at it hard the last two weeks of the month and had my highest weekly totals of the year (50 and 58)! I can't imagine that my weekly mileage would ever get higher than that. My comfortable zone is 45-50 miles per week. 

Those 20 milers can really take it out of you! I'm glad I only have one left before the full. Every time I run a 20 miler, I question how much I really want to do full marathons. I'm pretty sure I'm a half kinda girl ;)

March Running Miles: 181.26

March Cycling Miles: 25.2

I also started incorporating more strengthening with the focus on hips and core. I do love arm and back exercises so I've thrown in leg/arm combo moves to give me a little of both worlds. I just have my eyes focused on the Flying Pig full...mostly to get it over with! LOL. I'm just not that excited about it yet because I know it's going to be SO HARD! I'm also completely scared to do another full. I just need to stay focused on being healthy and injury free so I can have a fair shot at a decent finishing time. 

Cheers to April and better running weather! Happy running everyone!

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