Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Follow Up On My "C.U.T.E" Post

I'm still in my funk but I've taken some action...
Tuesday evening, the same day I typed the C.U.T.E.  post, I went to bed at 8 p.m.! What?! No, I did not actually fall asleep at that time but I did go to bed, turn off the lights and the T.V., shut off my phone, and cuddled with my huggy pillow. It took me some time to fall asleep but I felt so relaxed. I didn't do crap around the house but, guess what? We were all alive the next day! I didn't go to bed so early last night but it was nice to make it happen one time.
The continues. I thought, just in case, I would take a pregnancy test. Of course, it was negative. I then decided the culprit must be my birth control pill. I called my MD and had them phone me in a new script. Fingers crossed that this helps. It will be a week and a half before I can start the new pill.'s so weird because my legs/lungs feel good but my dang belly feels awful the last few days. Fortunately, I'm racing next weekend so my miles the next few days will decrease so maybe this is perfect timing (I'm trying to stay positive!!).
I'm still really down about the lack of time I feel I have with James during the week. I've received some good ideas to help decrease what I have to do during the week to free up time for me to spend with my boy.
Cheers to a short work day on Friday and a weekend with my boys to look forward to :)

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