Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

HWGA: Recovery Week 2

Here We Go Again

Morning fun with my loves.
I'm typing this mid-week and I still don't know if I'm recovered from the marathon. I mean, I'm tolerating runs that have been anywhere from high 8s to low 9s. I haven't intentionally tried to go faster because I wanted to play it smart. Since that long run last week, I haven't had any significant tightness so I guess that's a good sign!
This week, I started to reintroduce my strength workouts. I didn't do a lot of strengthening race week to prevent fatigue. I also avoided it last week just to be nice to my body (aside from doing yoga).
After talking it out with friends and looking up articles, I decided that my race cramping likely has nothing to do with fluids but more to do with the need to continue to strengthen the appropriate areas (thanks Amanda and Jackie for helping to confirm my theory!). I know I am a lot stronger because my hip did not give out during this race. I just think that I need specific focus on particular muscles. I'm planning to start incorporating those this week in hopes that it will help for my next marathon.
  • 3/13: 6.1 miles, 9:16/mile; 2.3 cycling miles, 10:04; gluteus medius workout, 20 minutes. I met up with Tamara in Westerville for an easy run. Busted out 5 with her before her training session, and finished the last mile solo. I wasn't motivated at all today. I was just so sleepy!! I had a little extra time after work to get in a leg workout. I didn't want to start with cold legs so rode 10 minutes on the bike to warm up. As approached the end of my workout, I knew my legs were feeling it because my quads started cramping! I just knew I would be sore the next day.
  • 3/14: REST. I did absolutely nothing physical except work and lift my kids.
  • 3/15: 6.01 miles, 9:12/mile; Chest/Back workout, 35 minutes. I planned to run with my friend, Tracey, and we ended up connecting with another group in Westerville. It was nice catching up with her and venting about our latest shenanigans. After work, I hit up the gym for an upper body workout.
    So freaking cold!!! Real feel was in the single digits!

  • 3/16: 6.01 miles, 8:35/mile. I planned on running in the morning but Ruthie had a rough night (messed up bowels from eating new foods). I'm actually glad it happened that way because I was able to enjoy a solo run after work. It was a gorgeous day! Although it was a little chilly and pretty darn windy, the sun was out and it was amazing!!! Since I was solo, I could really focus on how my body was feeling. I didn't look at my pace and ran what felt to be an easy effort. Half of my miles were into the wind, but I didn't even care. I was just happy that it wasn't raining, snowing, or single digits.
    The sun was so amazing!
  • 3/17: REST. I wanted to allow myself to rest in case I needed it for my 5k. I think I'm mostly recovered from my marathon, but a little nervous about running fast.
  • 3/18: 6.16 total miles (warm up 2 miles, 9:33/mile; race 3.15 miles, 7:34/mile; 1.01 miles, 9:37/mile). I have a separate post with my race report so you can hear all about how I crapped the bed!
    I won a gift card to Meijer! 1st place in my age group!!
  • 3/19: 14 miles, 8:56/mile; Hatha Yoga Class, 1 hour. Life and yesterday's race forced me to do my long run on Sunday afternoon. I was initially excited because the temps were going to be in the 40s, but it was overcast and windy. UGH. I was so sluggish until 7.5 miles or so. I finally hit my stride and had a great rest of the run. I still don't feel back to my normal running self, but I feel better as the days go on.
I'm not totally sure where to go from here with my training. I'm going to try a short run with some race pace miles mid week to see how it feels. If that goes well, I'm hoping to mix some speed in with my long run this week. Other miles will be very easy!

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