Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

HHH Week 6: RACE WEEK!!!

Hilly Half Hustle
Race week should be awesome, right?! Lots of easy running, checking the weather app like a mad woman, packet pickup, etc. Well, well, well...let me tell you about my race week...
  • 12/5: 6 miles, 9:41/mile. I met with my lovely friends Ellen, Melissa, Jen, and Meg for a nice, fun run. All was good, and it was a great start to my week. Bonus: I finally found my beloved PowerGel at CRC that afternoon!
    The drama: I went to go see a patient earlier that morning and was bitten in the leg by their mouthy Chihuahua!!! Holy mother of *$%#. It was so painful. Fortunately, it did not break skin or cause me to bleed, but I bruised immediately. I was pretty sore the rest of the day and the following day.
    Darn dog!
  • 12/6: 6 miles, 9:15/mile. I was so excited about this run! I was planning to meet up with Theresa and Meg for 7 easy miles and was pleasantly surprised to see that Marion and Dani decided to come. Seven miles, nine minutes per mile, no problem. Oh boy. I'm pretty sure my lack of sleep caught up to me today. I crashed towards the end of the run. The group was going faster than planned so I decided I would turn around at 3 miles and stick to my original plan of 6. Meg decided to stick with me to keep me company. When we got to the start, Meg went to finish 7 miles and all I could do was bend over to recover. When I finally opened my eyes, I was so dizzy. I sat down and continued to feel like crap. I had no idea what was going on. When everyone finished, they said I looked pale. I was a cold hot mess. After tears and hugs, I tried to survive my day at work. My friends checked on me all day long and things were looking up. When I went to the office after seeing patients (it had been raining all day), I freaking slipped on the asphalt, crap flew everywhere, and I fell HARD on my left side. It was so painful. All I could do was cry. I was pissed, embarrassed, in pain, etc. I was limping the rest of the day. All I could do was pray that a night's sleep would allow the pain to go away.
    I'm an idiot. I spared you the butt shot.
  • 12/7: 7.8 cycling miles, 30:05; Upper Body Lifting. I wasn't sure I'd be able to do my workout today. I woke up to my hip being extremely tender, and I could feel pain in my butt with each step. My groin was still hurting as well. I decided to take it easy to see how I'd tolerate it. I think cycling might have actually helped my pain! When I finished, my groin no longer bothered me. I still had a sore butt the rest of the evening, but, again, hoping more rest will help.
  • 12/8: 3.1 miles, 8:32/mile. I was so nervous about running! I didn't want to get out there and have hip pain. I started off at what felt to be an easy pace. When my watch beeped and told me my first mile was [8:45], I decided to speed up and do at least one mile at my goal race pace to make sure this no pain thing wasn't a fluke. My next mile was [8:20] which is, basically, my goal. After finishing, I still didn't have any pain while running, but I did notice some fatigue in my hip while running. I'm hoping another day of rest will allow it to feel good race morning.
    P.S. That's 29 bags of leaves.
  • 12/9: REST. Explored my beloved city of Nashville and packet pick up!
    Roop turned 4 months old!
  • 12/10: 2 miles, 8:52/mile; 13.2 miles, 8:15/mile. RACE DAY!!! See race report HERE.
  • 12/11: Core workout followed by leg workout. I refuse to skip these!! MUST STAY COMMITTED!
So, basically, I can't elaborate on anything else because I'm super busy!!! Holidays are cray cray and work is keeping me on my toes with working on Sundays this month!

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