Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Highs and Lows- Week 17

I sent this to my girl, Dani, this morning. It's something I'll be repeating on Saturday!

If I thought this week was lacking in mileage, I'm in for a shocker the next few days. I know a lot of people freak out about taper week. I tend to embrace it more than let it bother me. As I was approaching taper phase, I did question if I had enough mileage planned for this week. When I saw that I had ONLY 30 miles, it felt really weird! I texted a few of my girlfriends who were also training for full marathons to find out what their training was like for this week.

When taper arrives, it's not usually the training I freak out about, it's all the little details that tend to come up at the last minute that I didn't think about during the other weeks of training. Here are some of the things I "freaked out" about:
  1. Where will I put my Endurolyte tabs?! During Pig, my pace group leader had tabs on him so he shared with us as needed. For Indy, I knew I'd have to carry them myself. I'm not a belt person so that was never an option for me. After polling others, I still had no clue what I was going to do. When I went to Front Runner to buy my tabs, I made a spontaneous purchase in the form of a Spibelt. I wore it for every run this week (in addition to my runs last weekend) to make sure it wouldn't bother me. So far, so good!
  2. What if it rains?! I know we are still a few days away from race day and ANYTHING can happen with the weather in those days. All week, I've been checking the projected weather. Mid to high 40s for the low the night before (PERFECT!)...50-60% chance of showers (BOOOOOOO!!!!). The forecast was screaming "DC Half!" I will never forget how freaking cold and wet I was the entire race. I did not dress well and was cranky about my wet feet! I will take 30 degrees over 40s and rainy any race day! Fortunately, as the weekend approached, the rain chance decreased to 10%. Hopefully it stays that way!
  3. Phantom pain/inuries. This week, I diagnosed myself with a stress fracture in my foot (solely based on the fact that my foot was throbbing one day..nothing since that day). Then I had shin splints, high ankle sprain, a knee that felt like it could burst at any moment. It's kinda funny how I felt none of this during all those weeks of training!
This week was super laid back. Here are my highs and lows:
  • I did not get to see a coyote at Sharon Woods. Huge disappointment. Amber promised it wouldn't eat me so I was determined to spot one.
  • Marion's return. I had the pleasure of sharing 6 miles with my awesome friend. We must have been feeling good after a few warm up miles because we ended with an 8:29 average! Go us!
  • Last Race Pace Run. I was supposed to run this outside with Amanda but we had some crazy rain. I decided to hit up The Y for a little treadmill action. I can't remember the last time I had to run on the mill. I ran 6 total (average 7:55) including 1 mile warm up around 8:30 min/mile and 5 miles progressing from 7:53 to 7:30.
  • Sweat's Birthday Run. Only 4 miles this day (9:20 average)! Weird, huh?! We took some time to celebrate Christine with a run, a boa, a party hat, and some goodies!
    It's the birthday girl!
  • Saturday "Long Run." When you're one week from race day, the long run is more like a normal weekday run...THANK GOODNESS! My body needs the rest. I ventured to Sharon Woods with Amber and Karen. I can't remember all the details of the conversations, but I know I laughed a lot and that's what counts. 8 miles and 8:40 average!
    Selfie sans coyote. Amber runs are rare for me nowadays so it's always good to see her! [Amber, Karen, me]
  • Sunday Funday. We took it to the streets of Dublin (when I re-read this sentence, it sounded hard core). 6 miles, 8:37 average. Lots of talk about our friends running NYC, the end of race season, goals accomplished and not accomplished, and simply being ready for a break! This will be the most miles I run until my race on Saturday!
    I love all of the happy faces! [Marion, Jackie, me, Karen, Christine]

I doubt I will post for week 18. It's pretty boring anyway! I'll run 4 miles Monday, 5 on Tuesday, rest or run 3 on Wednesday, rest Thursday, 2 miles on Friday, and RACE ON SATURDAY!!
What I will be saying pre-race!


  1. I had to laugh out loud about the phantom pains/injuries. I'm great at diagnosing myself during taper as well. Embrace all of the craziness of taper--Indy in 6!

    1. Runner problems intensified by the fact that I'm a PT! Ugh.