Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jamaica...Day 2

Each morning in Ocho Rios began with this amazing view:

All of that while munching on this amazing breakfast (this is just a small part of the buffet):
We got to enjoy that for 7 days in a row! Wow! That gave me a lot of motivation to get up every morning :) After breakfast we explored the resort so that the stupid map they gave us made a little more sense. We mostly spent the day at the beach and pool...sippin' on our favorite cocktails and soakin' up some sun.

That night, we made reservations at the Japenese Hibachi Grill. Our chef was quite the entertainer and sang to us the whole time. Jimmy and I got crazy and joined in on the fun. Jimmy used his chopsticks as drum sticks and we ended up singing "Rocky Top" because there were 4 UT people at the table :) Good times. Oddly enough, we went to our room after dinner to watch "Once Upon a Time" before we went out for the night (we are obsessed with that show!).

Just when I thought the night life couldn't get better than the Steel Drum Band the night before, I ended up having just as much fun with this night's late entertainment. One of the bars had Karaoke hour followed by club style dancing! Lisa+2 apple martinis+1 cosmopolitan+Jimmy=crazy time! The Jamaican people are so awesome! This is us after dancing that night:

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