Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lisa's ABC's

I stole this blog idea from my sister-in-law, Amy, who got it from someone else...Since I suck at writing, these list things work well for me :)
A. age: 28 (29 in less than a month!!)
B. bedsize: Queen...although King would be my choice
C. chore you hate: dusting
D. dogs: Izzie and Angel :)
E. essential start to your day: silence
F. favorite color: greens
G. gold or silver: silver
H. height: almost five eight
I. instruments you play: currently none, in school I played clarinet
J. job title: Physical Therapist
K. kids: NO!!!
L. live: Gahanna, OH
M. maiden name: Reaves
N. nickname(s): Boo, booski, Lisa D, Lis (Leees)
O. overnight hospital stays: None
P. pet peeve: being late, stupid drivers
Q. quote: I don't memorize quotes
R. righty or lefty: righty
S. siblings: Shawna, Brett, Ashley, Sam, Katelyn
T. time you wake up: waking up and actually getting up are two different things I wake up sometime between 630 and 7 and get up around 720
U. university attended: Arkansas State then Belmont
V. vegetables you dislike: sweet potatoes
W. what makes you run late: I don't run late...if I do, it's probably because of Jimmy...but that's very rare
X. x-rays: elbow, knee, mouth
Y. yummy food: Italian, Mexican, Japanese, American...that's pretty much everything :)
Z. zoo animal favorite: giraffe

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