Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm bad at blogging!!

I honestly thought I would keep up with all of this blogging stuff but realized I'm really not that into it...which is why it's been REALLY long since I've blogged about my wedding. Pretty much all of the details have been taken care of...we just have finalize everything.
In the last couple of months we've:
-paid off our honeymoon (bow-chika-wow-wow)
-sent off for our passports
-printed invitations
-picked out our cake...YUMMY!!
-purchased most flowers and centerpiece items needed
-booked a hotel room for the night of the wedding (one of Jimmy's tasks)
-picked out a hair lady (Sarah...who will also be my wedding day coordinator)
-figured out accommodations for the wedding party (who will be staying at Jimmy's parents' houses)
-finalized rehearsal dinner plans (combo of Buca's chicken parm, Benny's pizza, and lasagna)
-picked out the songs for the ceremony and couple dances (I would love to reveal them but isn't that bad luck or something?)

WOW! That's a lot! And I have a list even longer of stuff still left to do!! This Saturday I am getting together with Jimmy's mom, Deb, and his sister-in-law, Amy, to make bouquets. When we make them I'll take pics and post em.

Sorry for my bad blogging skills yo...I hope to be better at this in the future :)

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