Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Monday, January 16, 2017

CTLR: 7 more weeks!!!

Countdown to Little Rock
Roop turned 5 months this week! I never put bows on her head but I was feeling frisky.

My goal for this cycle was to peak at 50 miles (typically I'll peak at 58-60). In order to stick to my 4 days of running per week plan, I would have had to do some combo of 20/10/10/10 or 20/12/10/8. Honestly, I just don't think my bod can do that yet...especially in this awful weather. I don't think getting 50 miles is a problem, but not in 4 days...at least not yet. I decided that I would increase to 5 days of running on my three 50 mile weeks.
  • 1/9: 6.1 miles, 9:01/mile; Core workout. I met Meg in New Albany for a little 6 mile loop. She agreed to start a little early so I'd have a few minutes to chat with the other NA ladies at Starbucks. This run felt very easy and the miles flew by. It was about 15 degrees outside, but felt like a heat wave compared to my weekend run.
    Nothing compares to the sexy look runners have after a freezing cold run. [Meg, ME]
  • 1/10: 10 miles, 8:27/mile. I did a little Hal Higdon-ish tempo run on the treadmill. After a 3 mile warm up (9:14/mile average), I ran 7 miles starting at 6.7 mph, increasing every half mile until I reached 8.0 mph. (miles 4-7.5 averaged 8:24, the last 2.5 miles averaged 7:37). Most of it felt comfortable, but 8-9.5 felt tough. I was even a good little runner and took a gel at mile 5!
    Cuddles with my girl.
  • 1/11: 6.01 miles, 8:57/mile; upper body strengthening. I met some friends for an easy 6 miler. Good thing easy was the plan because it was SO SLICK! It was much warmer than usual so I had no idea it would freeze. Fortunately, the sidewalks weren't all that horrible and we had no fatalities. Jen and I played a little game of keeping each other's pace in check when we seemed to get out of control...I'm proud of us! LOL!! I had some unexpected extra time in my afternoon so I decided to take advantage of it and get in tomorrow's strength workout.
    No falls today! [Jessie, ME, Meg, Jen]

  • 1/12: 7.6 cycling miles, 30:07. Nothing crazy...just tried to get my sweat on.
    New tank..."Challenge Accepted."
  • 1/13: 20 miles, 8:38/mile. Some days I'm just on it, and today was one of those days. In fear of potential freezing rain over the weekend, I decided to run after work today. It was a gorgeous day to run. It was a little chilly, 30 degrees, but the sun was shining beautifully. I knew I'd be running solo so I brought my music just in case...I never put it on! I can't believe I ran 20 solo miles without music. It was actually very nice. My intention was to run really easy knowing that I was scared to attempt this distance. I was guessing 9-9:15/mile or so. I kept with my trend of not looking at my watch. I had no idea what my pace or splits were until I hit 16 miles. The first 9 miles were rolling hills so I figured they were slower. I had flat the next nine with the last two rolling. I started to tighten up a bit after 17 miles and just wanted to finish. My last three miles ended up being my fastest [8:14, 8:12, 8:16]! I was a good little runner and took gels at 5.25, 10.25, and 15.25 miles. I'm looking forward to cutting back my long run next week!


  • 1/14: Yoga. I originally planned to run my 8 miler, but 1) the slickness of the roads were unknown and every running plan I made fell through, 2) I was tired from my 20 miler and knew I'd have a more enjoyable run if I waited until Sunday. I decided that yoga might help me stretch out those places that were sore and still give me some strengthening.
    I'm a natural...Bahaha!!!
    My yogi sister gave me this workout:
  • 1/15: 8.01 miles, 8:39/mile. What a roller coaster! Try to keep up: Woke up at 6:30 to run with Theresa at 7:30. The hubs received a call that he was playing drums at church (he was not previously informed). I had to cancel my run (literally as I was getting ready to leave) since he had to be there at 8:30. Planned to run after church since it is 1 minute from the Olentangy Trail. That didn't happen because I accidentally fed Ruthie from the same boob two times in a row and my left boob was in so much pain I had to feed her. Problem...she was with the hubs on their way to Marysville and I didn't have my pump. I had to drive to Marysville to feed her. She refused to eat so I had to deal with the pain until she was ready to eat. There was no way I was running in that pain! She finally ate, James finally went down for a nap, so I set off into the paths and streets of Marysville. I was trying to hurry to make it back in time to celebrate my nephew's birthday. Phew! So glad this day is over.
    I just LOVE her!!!
As I was thinking about my week and my postpartum progress, I realized that I'm finally getting to the put that my old easy pace is starting to actually feel like my easy pace again. I can also see the physical changes that are coming along with the strengthening that I've been doing. The part I think I need to start testing a bit is my speed. After surviving these most recent long runs, I feel like my body is strong enough to start testing the speed again without injuring myself. Anything is the 7's is so tough right now. When I've done my last two tempo runs, those brief two-ish miles in the 7's were rough...sure, it was after running 6-8 other miles, but still! I can tell I need to start working on the speed part. I think I'm going to start pushing my race pace runs to the faster end of my range. I also have a scheduled track workout this week. I can't remember why, but I missed my last one (the week I was sick maybe?). No matter the outcome, I will continue to listen to my body and will certainly cut back if I need to.

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