Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Marathon to Half Training Week #3

Post long run iced tea from a café in Winchester, VA.
Third week of training post marathon and I still feel like I'm recovering. It's definitely better than last week but I don't have quite the oomph with my long run. Not gonna lie...that makes me a little nervous about my half in two weeks (just a little). Here are my workouts from this week:
Monday-5.1 miles, tempo run, 8:26 average pace (faster miles 8:14, 7:55, 7:36)
Tuesday- 4 miles, easy stroller run, 9:41 average pace
Wednesday- 6.14 miles, 8:04 average pace (8:46, 8:06, 7:50, 7:52, 8:05, 7:45)
Thursday- Rest, began plank challenge
Friday-12 miles, 9:34 average pace
Saturday- 4 miles, hills, 8:50 average pace; plank challenge
Sunday- 7 miles, tempo run on treadmill, 8:31 average pace (2 mi WU @9:22, 1 mi @8:20, 0.75 mi @8:06, 0.75 mi @7:54, 0.75 mi @7:42, 0.5 mi @7:30, 0.25 mi @7:19, 1 mile CD @9:05); plank challenge

The good and the bad:
  • Three faster speed workouts in one week=GOOD OR BAD? I'll let you decide. Normally, I wouldn't do three in one week but I had to postpone last week's tempo run and put it on Monday because of travelling to Cleveland last Sunday. Both Monday and Wednesday felt amazing. Sunday's run wasn't as awesome. I survived and felt good in the end but there were 1-2 minutes in the fourth mile that I considered cutting it short or slowing down the planned pace.
    Post Wednesday run. How am I that happy after a 5 a.m. run?!

  • Stroller run=GOOD. It's always a beautiful thing when I can take Baby Boo for a run. He LOVES it. It was particularly windy this day and James loved the wind blowing at his face...it makes him giggle :)
    My little booger fell asleep while we were running.
  • Began plank challenge=GOOD. It can only help me.
    Let the plank challenge begin!
  • Long Run=MEDIOCRE. I did two more miles than last week and had absolutely no pain BUT I still felt tired toward the end even at 9:34 average. It was a little hillier than Columbus (I'm visiting my parents this week) but I would still like to average closer to 9 pace at this point. I just don't know when I should expect myself to be able to get back to my previous long run average.
    My new VA running buddy, Karen!
  • Hill workout=GOOD. I'm not normal...I kinda like hills. If a dog "attack" wasn't involved, I might have enjoyed it even more.
    The hills of WV and my wonderful view on Saturday.
I had some great workouts this week and was able to increase my mileage which is awesome! I'm looking forward to another good week of workouts with a goal of 14 miles for my long run. I feel like, mentally, I need a 14 miler before my half!

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